Integrity and Compliance

Email Address: complainbox@onmicro.com.cn

All partners, the public and employees who find or suspect any illegal behaviors in the operation of OnMicro, please report to us through the official channel shown above in time to safeguard the rights and interests of our company.

Integrity and Compliance

OnMicro attaches great importance to compliance management and is committed to abiding by high standards of ethics and integrity in business conduct. It requires all employees to abide by anti-corruption and anti bribery laws and regulations, eliminate any form of corruption and bribery, be honest and loyal to their duties. The company's Internal Control Department is the daily anti fraud management organization, which is responsible for establishing and improving the company's fraud risk management mechanism, formulating a series of compliance management rules and regulations, and strictly implementing the compliance audit. The company signed the letter of commitment of integrity and honesty with all employees, and will not tolerate any illegal behaviors in business activities.


We encourage you to report in real name or anonymously. Internal Control Department will conduct an independent, objective and impartial investigation based on the problems reflected in the report. According to our anti fraud management system, the informant or organization that provides effective evidence shall be rewarded. We promise to keep the informant's information strictly confidential and never tolerate any form of retaliation against the informant. Once found, we will thoroughly investigate and properly handle retaliation, please feel free to report.

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