Corporate Culture


【Building a Continuously Competitive RF Chip Company】


【Changing the Future with Technology】

  We are committed to building a continuously competitive RF chip company with a strong belief in the power of technology and the mission to change the future with technology.

  In this process, we focus on building core competitiveness, adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, and making products that "will cut hands"; we emphasize sustainability, through which we constantly criticize, improve, and evolve ourselves; we must endure loneliness, get rid of impetuosity, and be prepared for a protracted "battle".


【Centering clients】: Focus on clients. Creating value for clients is the primary responsibility.

【Embracing changes】: Be fearless of but embrace changes, and seize the opportunity in changes.

【Integrity】: Be honest and trustworthy, and establish reputation.

【Pragmaticism】: Start from reality and work in a practical way.

【Care】: Care for employees, partners, and society.

【Unity】: Work and overcome difficulties in team to achieve strategic goals.

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