TheHS6210 is a member of the low-cost, high-performance family of intelligent 2.4 GHz RF transceivers with embedded microcontrollers. The HS6210 is optimized to provide a single chip solution for Ultra Low Power (ULP) wireless applications. The combination of processing power, memory, low power oscillators, real-time counter,and arange of power saving modes provides an ideal platform for implementation of RF protocols. Benefits of using HS6210include tighter protocol timing, security, lower power consumption and improved co-existence performance. For the application layer the HS6210 offers a rich set of peripherals including: SPI master, PWMand so on.

Product Features

Features of the HS6210 include:

► Fast 8-bit microcontroller:

        • Intel MCS 51 compliant instruction set

        • Reduced instruction cycle time, up to 12 times compared to legacy 8051

► Memory:

        • Program memory: 10 kB of ROM

        • Internal RAM: 256Byte

        • User Data memory: 128byte OTP

►  A number of on-chip hardware resources are available through programmable multi-purpose input/output pins:

        • 11GPIO

        • SPI master

        • 6PWMs

        • 3 External interrupts

► High performance 2.4 GHz RF transceiver

        • True single chip GFSK transceiver

        • Enhanced ShockBurst™ link layer support in HW:

        • Packet assembly/disassembly

        • Address and CRC computation

        • Auto ACK and retransmit

        • On the air data rate 250kbps, 500 kbps, 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps

        • 125 RF channels operation, with 79 (2.402 GHz –2.480 GHz) channels within 2.400–2.4835 GHz

        • Short switching time enable frequency hopping

► System reset and power supply monitoring:

        • On-chip power-onreset

        • Watchdog timer reset

► On-chip timers:

        • Three16-bit timers/counters operating at the system clock (sources from the 16 MHz on-chip oscillators)

        • Timer 0, Timer 1 ,Timer 2 are compatible to standard 8051

        • One 24-bit timer/counter operating at the low frequency clock (32kHz)

► On-chip oscillators:

        • 16 MHz crystal oscillator XOSC16M

        • 16 MHz RC-oscillator RCOSC16M

        • 32kHz RC-oscillator RCOSC32K

► Power management function:

        • Low power design supporting fully static stop/ standby

        • Programmable MCU clock frequency from 125 kHz to 16 MHz

        • On chip voltage regulators supporting low power mode

        • Watchdog and wakeup functionality running in low power mode


        • Wireless PC peripheral devices 

        • Mouse, Keyboard 

        • Remote Control 

        • Consumer Electronics 

        • Toys 

        • personal health and recreation facilities 

        • Smart Home

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