Onmicro joined the E-paper Industry Alliance (EPIA)

Electronic paper is defined as a bistable display technology that does not emit light by itself, relies on natural light reflection imaging, and can maintain the image in the deelectric state. The effect of the display is close to the natural paper , avoid reading fatigue. At present, e-paper has been widely used in e-book reading, e-book handwriting, smart new retail, smart education, smart transportation, smart medical care, smart industry, smart civil aviation, smart logistics, smart office, to customer fashion consumption fields that replace the traditional paper gradually and achieve digitalization and intelligent IoT. By 2021, the total number of electronic paper display screens has been shipped to nearly 1 billion pieces, driving the output value of upstream and downstream industries to more than 100 billion yuan.


The E-paper Industry Alliance(EPIA) was co-founded in Feb.2021 by the enterprises of e-paper industry chain E Ink, BOE, and Holitech . It is composed of more than 100 enterprises, universities, research units and experts related to the e-paper industry chain, such as Lenovo, Ali, Tencent Education, Hisense Communications, IFITEK Reading and Writing, Hanshow, ZKONG, and YANGTZE Software Park etc.. The establishment of the EPIA has filled the missing of industry organization in the e-paper industry by long time. EPIA as the communication bridge and link between the industry and the relevant functional units of the government, it promotes the healthy and orderly development of the e-paper industry actively.


As a chipmaker to join the EPIA, Onmicro will strive to practice the responsibility of low carbon and energy saving, develop wireless connected chips with better performance and lower power consumption, and provide a complete set of customized solutions, such as wireless connection, PMU, AFE and so on, for the e-paper industry, so as to create more environmentally friendly and greener industry applications. Onmicro is willing to work toward common development with other member units of the EPIA, joint to formulate industry standards, promote the industry applications and explore the implementation of new applications, make the electronic paper industry greater and stronger, and create a better future.

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